Laurence Klavan


First Second Books Graphic Novel May 2010
One of the Best Books of the Year for Children--
Scripps Howard News Service
Chosen for the Maverick Graphic Novel Reading List by the Texas Library Association

"A terrific adventure story...Rip-roaring fun."
--Publishers Weekly (starred)

"Told with seat-of-the-pants, graphic-novel immediacy, [this] is an artful melding of jewel-box illustration with noir atmosphere--Tintin directed by Hitchcock. Still, the story's slant is all its own...The snappy, uncluttered tale has a rousing visual flow and plot depth on a variety of fronts. Plus, the Nazis wind up swimming with the fishes. Pow! Pow! Pow!"
--Kirkus Reviews

"A sophisticated spin on classic boys' adventure...A tale filled not only with a thrilling sense of excitement but also with a child's longing for a grown-up to believe in."
--Booklist (Starred)

"A strong book...The plot is engaging...the tale has an authentic feel."
--School Library Journal

"A story with a lot more depth and emotion than I expected or even imagined...It's truly a beautiful, moving book. For both Young Adults and old ones. And it's got tons of super-heroics and spy smashing, too."

"[A] very winning graphic novel...A most satisfying read that I hope receives many accolades as the year continues."

"Kim and Klavan's story is thrilling, while the illustrations by Pascal Dizin (Hilary Sycamore added the color) pay wonderful homage to Herge's "Tintin" books."
--Seattle Times

"An exciting story in which two kids' spunk and ingenuity triumph over the adult bad guys...I look forward to seeing this team together again."
--Detroit News

"[An] excellent graphic novel—it has a great plot, interesting characters and fantastic artwork."

"It is hard to know which to praise more in 'City of Spies,' the grand, old-fashioned story crafted by Susan Kim and Laurence Klavan, or the enchanting artwork by Pascal Dizin...The tale of Nazi spies in New York is full of a Golden-Age Hollywood ambiance, like some lost Hitchcock or Hawks film. Mixing romance, humor, suspense, and pathos, this graphic novel should be handed out to every young reader you know—after you’ve enjoyed it yourself."
--Asimov's Science Fiction

"[A] charming yarn...Dizin's bright, clean palette pops in this pitch-perfect portrait of wartime Gotham."
--AM New York

"Page-turning entertainment...A pleasant surprise."
--100 Scope Notes blog

"A winner...solid thrills...The book really worked on all levels for me."
--Comics Waiting Room 4.0 blog

"[A] wonderful story that brings back the olden days of comics...Recommended..." blog

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Selected Works

Who will survive the Wasteland? The series comes to an end.
A debut collection--fantastical stories set in this jittery, polarized, increasingly impersonal age.
Life ends at nineteen. Try to get there. The Wasteland saga continues.
Esther is fifteen. She has four years left.
At Camp Fielding, get higher SAT scores, a monster IQ, and your parents' love and approval. What have you got to lose? Only your mind...and maybe your life.
In New York City, during the summer of 1942, eleven-year-old Evelyn Weiss will grow up, find a new family, and, in the process, save the world.
CLICK TITLE TO READ AN EXCERPT! Movie geek-turned-detective Roy Milano chases the long-lost complete print of Orson Welles' "The Magnificent Ambersons."
Roy returns to look for Jerry Lewis' notorious, never-released film, "The Day the Clown Cried."
Written with composer Polly Pen, a musical based on a notorious Russian silent film.
The newest collaboration with Polly Pen musicalizes novelist Henry James' disastrous foray into theater writing.
Lonely, mixed-up Mona Kale is accused of killing the two "perfect lovers" of her high school years.
Every potential lover Louise might ever have had shows up at her apartment one day.
A suburban family must read from scripts--until they meet a woman who wants to improvise.
At his grandfather's deathbed, the ghosts of Gilbert's relatives arrive to debunk the old man's myth.
A harsh but compassionate comedy, set in a recession, about four people pursuing the wrong partners.
Yuppie Randolph Hackmeat sees his entire life go by in one dizzying day.