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Story Published


My story, "Reality," has been published in the online magazine, Permafrost, from the University of Alaska. It's about the future of fake smiling. Here's the free link:





Story Published


My story, "Redemption," has been published in The Opiate magazine. It's about the future of expanding the pool. Here's the Amazon link:





Story Published


My story, "The Pied Piper," has been published in the online edition of Pacifica Literary Review. It's a strange update of the famous folktale. Here's the free link:





Story Published


My story, "Gift," has been published in the online edition of Oyez Review from Roosevelt University in Chicago. Here's the free link:





Play Excerpted


The first part of my podcast play, "What Comes Next or Meet the Dunnes," has been published online by San Antonio Review. Here's the free link:





Novella Published


"Albertine" is now available in Novella Express from Leamington Books of Scotland. It also can be bought as a stand-alone e-book. Here are the links:







Novella can be ordered


My novella, "Albertine," will be published on November 26 as part of Leamington Books' Novella Express in Scotland. It will share the space with works by Ricky Monahan Brown and Lowrie Larsen. Here's the link to pre-order:






Story Reprinted


My story, "Doubles Alley," has been published in the online magazine, Teleport. It's about the future of familial hostility and, yes, tennis. Here's the link:





Collection Makes Second Round


My story collection, "Adult Children," has made it to the second round of the Wolfson Press Prose Competition. Here's their site:





Story Nominated 


My story, "Jost in the Machine," has been nominated by Sybil Journal for The Best of the Net Anthology. Here's the original link:





Collection Long-Listed


My story collection, "Adult Children," has been long-listed for the Santa Fe Writers' Project's Literary Award. Here's the link:





Novella to be Published


My novella, "Albertine," will be featured in Novella Express, a new periodical upcoming from Scotland's excellent Leamington Press. It will highlight a swell form that's not published enough. I hope you'll consider supporting them:





Novel a Finalist


My novel-in-progress, "The Hustle," a mystery set in 1970s NYC, is a finalist for the Killer Nashville Claymore Award for Best Investigator, to be announced at their convention in August:





New Story Published


My mystery-ish story set in 1970s NYC, "The Hustle," has been published in the UK online magazine, Close to the Bone. Here's the free link:





Article on Play


My play, "Simprov," is featured in this houstonchronicle.com piece--it will play Houston from July 15 - 24:





New Story Published


My piece of flash fiction, "Homonyms," has been published in The South Shore Review out of Canada. Here's the free link:






Graphic Novel mentioned


Susan Kim's and my graphic novel, "Brain Camp," is included in the list of "Humor Picks by Librarians" in School Library Journal:






Play to be Produced


My play, "Simprov," will be produced in July by Thunderclap Productions in Houston. Here's the link:





New Story Published


My story, "Simultaneously," has been published in the Epoque Press E-zine's "Withdrawal" issue in the UK. It's about a man's strange visit to his mother and father. Here's the free link:





Story Reprinted


My story, "Jost in the Machine," has been reprinted in the online mag, Sybil Journal. It's about the future of automation and family love. Here's the free link:





Story Reprinted


My story, "The Square of Stars," has been reprinted in Dark Horses: The Magazine of Weird Fiction. It's about the future of doomed celebrity romances. Here's the Amazon link:






New Story Published


My story, "Spirit," has been published in the online magazine, Sequestrum. It's about the strange relationship between a man, his old father, and his old pal. Here's the link:





New Story Published


My wee, dark, hopefully amusing piece of flash fiction, "Einzelheit," has been published in Sortes literary journal. Here's the free link:





New Story Published


My story, "Chip," has been published in the Dutch online magazine, Expanded Field. It's about the last flight of a yellow-golden dung fly. Here's the free link:






Story in Anthology


My story, "In Person," has been published in the Seattle Erotic Art Festival Anthology, available here:





Story Published


My story, "Repair," has been published in the online magazine, Identity Theory. It's about the future of the mind-body thing. Here's the free link:





Story Published


My story, "Entertaining," has been published in the online magazine, Pigeon Review. It's about the future of family gatherings. Here's the free link:





Story Published


My story, "Appropriate," has been published in the online magazine, Pioneertown. It's about the future of parental censorship and movie star cameos. Here's the free link:





Story Published


My story, "Empathy," has been published in the online magazine, Lowestoft Chronicle. It's about the future of creativity and teenage crushes. Here's the free link:






Nice review of podcast play






Story Published


My story, "The Surrogate," has been published in the online magazine, Punt Volat. Here's the free link:





Nice Mentions of Podcast Play







Play as Podcast


My play, "What Comes Next or Meet the Dunnes," has been recorded as a podcast by 21st Century Players out of Washington, DC. Here's the free link:






Story Reprinted


My story, "The Freelancer," has been reprinted in the online sf magazine, Penumbric. Here's the free link:






Story Reprinted


My story, "Nucleus," has been reprinted in a new UK science lit magazine, Tamarind. Here's the link:






Story Published


My story, "Obsolescence," has been published in the Portugese/American literary magazine, Adelaide. Here's the link:



Story Published


My story, "In Person," has been published in the Swedish online magazine, Two Thirds North. Here's the link:





Story Published


My story, "Endless," has been published in the online magazine, Gone Lawn. Here's the link:





Story Published


My story, "Doubles Alley," from a novel-in-progress, has been published in Aethlon: The Journal of Sports Literature. Here's a pdf:





Play Reading on Zoom


My one-act, "Inclusion," will be free on a Virtual Reading Event from the Pittsburgh New Works Festival. Here's the link:





Story Published


My story, "Penn Grows Up," has been published in the online magazine, Anomaly. Here's the free link:






Story Re-published


My story, "Destabilized," has been re-published on the Derelict Fiction site, which showcases work from now-defunct magazines and sites. Here's the link:



Play to be read


My one-act, "Inclusion," will be read as part of Happy Hour at Ensemble Studio Theatre, 545 W. 52nd St., 2nd floor, in NYC on Tuesday, December 3rd, at 7 PM. Here's the flyer:




Story re-published


My story, "The Commuter," has been re-published by Doubleback Review, a magazine that brings back "pieces previously published at journals that, sadly, became defunct." Here's the link:





One-Act Published


My one-act, "Belonging," has been published in the online magazine, Masque & Spectacle. Here's the link:




Story Published


My story, "The Time of the Cull," has been published by the online magazine, Charge. Here's the link:





Book Shortlisted


My novel-in-stories, "DNA: The Story of the Muth Co.," has been shortlisted for the International Beverly Prize, a British writing competition. Here's the link:





One-Act to be Produced


My one-act, "Play," will be done in late August as part of the New Works Laboratory at Stray Dog Theatre in St. Louis. Here's the link:





Short Story Published


My story, "The Freelancer," has been published in the Australian lit magazine, Gargouille. It's print only. Here's the link:




One-Act a Finalist


My one-act, "Play," is a finalist for the Stray Dog Theater's New Works Laboratory in St. Louis. Decisions will be made by July 1st.

Novel Excerpt Published


An excerpt of my novel-in-progress, "Eternal Blue Sky," has been published in Euphemism, the online magazine of Iillinois State University. Here's the link:



One-Act Published


My one-act, "Inclusion," has been published by the online magazine, The Tulsa Review. Here's the link:



One-act to be read


My one-act, "Inclusion," will be read in the Pittsburgh New Works Festival's New Play Reading series on March 4th at 7 PM. Here's the link:




Nice article on college production




Story a Finalist


My story, "The Square of Stars," was a finalist in Sequestrum magazine's Editor's Reprint Awards, which honors previously published stories. It was originally published in Trop. Here's the link:




Play a Finalist


My play, "Simprov," is a finalist for the Pegasus PlayLab at the University of Central Florida, to be held in May or June of 2019.

New Story Published

My story, "The Image of His Parents," has been published in the British online mag, Idle Ink. Here's the free link:


New Story Published

My story, "Why We Fight," has been published in the British online mag, The Fiction Pool. Here's the free link:


Play a Quarterfinalist

My play, "Joint Account," is a quarter-finalist in the Screencraft Stage Play Competition.

Here's the link: https://screencraft.org/2018/11/16/announcing-the-2018-screencraft-stage-play-competition-quarterfinalists/ ?utm_source=drip&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Announcing+the+2018+Stage+Play+Quarterfinalists%21

Play Shortlisted

My one-act, "Inclusion," has been shortlisted for the Short + Sweet theatre festival in Sydney, Australia. It will be produced if a director chooses it. In 2012, my play, "Belonging," was in the festival.

Short Story Published

My story, "Jost in the Machine," has been published in the online magazine, Projected Letters. Here's the link:


Novella Published

My novella, "DNA," has been published in the online magazine, Eunoia Review. Here's the link:


Short Story Semi-Finalist

My story, "The Family Unit," is a semi-finalist in the Screencraft Short Story Contest:


Short Story Quarter-Finalists

My stories, "The Family Unit" and "The Square of Stars," are quarter-finalists in the Screencraft Short Story Contest:


Short Story Published

The third and last installment of "Cast" has been published in Trop. Here's the link:


Short Story Published

The second installment of my story, "Cast," has been published in Trop magazine. Here's the link:


Short Story Published

My story, "Cast," is being published in the online magazine, Trop. It's in three installments. Here's the first:


Short Story Published

My story, "The Square of Stars," has been published in the online magazine, Trop. Here's the link:


Short Story Published

My story, "The New Year's Resolution," has been published in the online magazine, Vol. 1 Brooklyn. Here's the link:


Short Story Collected

My story, "Consensus," originally published in 2014, has been collected in Eclectica Magazine: Speculative Edition. Here's the link:


Short Story Published

My story, "They Drive on the Left," has been published in the British online magazine, Storgy. Here's the link:


Short Story Published

My story, "What the Doctor Ordered," has been published in Cutthroat literary journal. Here's the link to the online edition:


One Act Most Produced

My one-act, "The Show Must Go On," was the most produced short play in American high schools 2015-2016. Here's the link:


Story Collected

My story, "The Witness," has been included in a new anthology, Desire: 100 of Literature's Sexiest Stories, from the British publisher Head of Zeus. Here's the link:


Nice Review for One-Act


New Short Story Published

My story, "The Witness," has been published in the Erotic Review, a British online magazine. Here's the link:


One-Act Chosen

My short play, "Show of Affection," will be produced in the St. Louis Actors Studio La Bute New Play Festival from July 22-31:


Paperback Edition Out

The paperback of "Guardians," the last novel in Susan Kim's and my Wasteland trilogy, debuts.


Article on Play


Short Story Re-published

A revised version of an older story, "High Concept," has been posted by the new UK sci-fi magazine, The Singularity. Here's the link:


Short Story Published

My story, "Destabilized," has been published in the magazine, Thrice Fiction. Here's the link:


Jerry;s film emerges

Jerry Lewis' infamous "The Day the Clown Cried" will be finally available, in ten years:


Roy Milano, searcher of lost and missing films, pursued it in "The Shooting Script":


Story Published

My story, "The Urban Dweller," has been published online by Albedo One from Ireland. Here's the link:


Play Being Read

My play, "Playdate," will have a reading in the Road Theater Company's Summer Playwrights Festival in Los Angeles on Saturday, August 1st, at 8 PM, PST. Here's the link:


New Editions Out

"Brain Camp," written with Susan Kim, with art by Faith Erin Hicks, is now out in a new mass-market edition:


And "Mrs. White,"written with my brother, Andrew, under the pseudonym Margaret Tracy, has been reissued in an e-book by Mysterious Press:


Collection Long-listed for Award

"The Family Unit and Other Fantasies" has been longlisted for the Frank O'Connor Short Story Prize. They got the name of the book wrong in the announcement, but here it is, anyway:


New Edition Being Published

A new mass-market edition of "Brain Camp," co-written with Susan Kim and illustrated by Faith Erin Hicks, will be published this June. Here's the artist's tumblr page with more information:

Blog Tour for "Guardians"

March 24th Tuesday: Jean BookNerd GUEST POST
March 25th Wednesday: Book Lover’s Life DREAM CAST
March 26th Thursday: TTC Books and More GUEST POST
March 27th Friday: Word to Dreams EXCERPT
March 28th Saturday: Bibliophilia, Please INTERVIEW
March 29th Sunday: Taking it One Book at a Time REVIEW & RANDOM THINGS
March 30th Monday: MichaelSciFan INTERVIEW
March 31st Tuesday: A Dream Within a Dream REVIEW & TENS LIST
April 1st Wednesday: CBY Book Club MUSIC PLAYLIST
April 2nd Thursday: A Leisure Moment REVIEW
April 3rd Friday: Sabrina’s Paranormal Palace REVIEW & RANDOM THINGS
April 4th Saturday: TMBA Corbett Tries to Write REVIEW & TENS LIST
April 5th Sunday: Random Redheaded Ramblings REVIEW
April 6th Monday: Sassy Book Lovers FAVORITE BOOKS

Book Published

The conclusion to Susan Kim's and my Young Adult trilogy, Wasteland, is published today. Here's the link for Guardians:


Paperback Published

The paperback of "Wanderers" has been published by Harper Collins. Here's the link:


Short Story Published

My story, "Automatic Writing," has been published in Oblong Magazine. Here's the link:


Short Story Published

My story, "Red Nose," has been published in Litro NY. Here's the link:


Blog Up

My blog about "'The Family Unit' and Other Fantasies," has been posted at the site of the Story Prize contest. Here's the link:


Reading Series

I'll be part of the Guerrilla Lit Reading Series Wednesday, September 24, at 7:30 P.M. at the Back Room in Jimmy’s No. 43, 43 East 7th Street in New York. Here's the link:


Story Behind the Stories


Trade paperback available

The trade edition of "'The Family Unit' and Other Fantasies," can be ordered from this Amazon link:

E-book available

The ebook of my collection, "'The Family Unit' and Other Fantasies," is now available from Chizine. The trade paperback comes out on August 26th. Here's the Amazon link:

Short Story Collection Mentioned

The San Francisco Examiner previews August book titles and includes "'The Family Unit' and Other Fantasies." Here's the link:


Cover Revealed

GUARDIANS, last in the Wasteland series, coming in 2015!

Short Story Published

My story, "Nucleus," has been published in the online magazine, Switchback. Here's the link: http://swback.com/issues/019/nucleus/1.html

One-Act Produced

My one-act, "Simprov," will be produced in the Alumnae Theatre's New Ideas Festival in Toronto from March 26-30. Here's the link: http://www.alumnaetheatre.com/

Short Story Published

My story, "Atman," has been published by the online magazine, Failbetter.com. Here's the link: http://www.failbetter.com/index.php

Paperback Out

The paperback of "Wasteland" has been published by Harper Collins. Here's the Amazon link:

Book Mentioned

"Wanderers," Book Two in the Wasteland Trilogy, gets a nice little mention in Kirkus Reviews...https://www.kirkusreviews.com/features/new-school-dystopia/

Story Published

My short story, "Consensus," has been published in the online magazine, Eclectica. Here's the link: http://www.eclectica.org/v18n1/klavan.html

Story Nominated

My story, "The Chums," was nominated by Animal Literary Magazine for Pushcart's Best of the Small Presses 2013 Prize.

One-Act Produced

My one-act, "Belonging," will be featured in the Museum of Dysfunction VI festival at Mildred's Umbrella theater in Houston, Texas, from Dec. 5-7. Here's the link: http://www.mildredsumbrella.com/MODVI.htm

"Wasteland" chosen for Nook Free Fridays

The book can be loaded for free on a Nook today, Friday, November 8th, at this link: http://bookclubs.barnesandnoble.com/t5/The-NOOK-Blog/bg-p/Unbound/label-name/free%20fridays

Book Signing

Susan Kim and I will be reading from our YA novel, "Wasteland," as part of the New Hampshire Film Festival on Friday, October 18th, at 5:30 PM at the Riverrun Bookstore in Portsmouth. Here's the link: http://www.riverrunbookstore.com/

Short Story Published

My story, "The Secret Parents," has just been published in the online magazine, The Ampersand Review. Here's the link: http://ampersandreview.com/2013/08/the-secret-parents-by-laurence-klavan/

Short Story Published

My story, "The Chums," has just been published in the online magazine, Animal. Here is the link: http://animalliterarymagazine.com/2013/07/01/980/

Book Signing at BEA

Susan Kim and I will be signing copies of "Wasteland" at Book Expo at the Javits Convention Center in NYC, 34th St. and 11th Ave., at 11:30 AM on Friday, May 31. It'll be at the Harper Collins booth #2038-2039, Table 9.

Play Reading

My play, "Simprov," will be read by the Amoralists Theater Company at their AmoralFest on Saturday, April 13th, at 5 pm at the Underground Theater @ Abrons Arts Center
466 Grand Street in NYC. Free tickets can be reserved at http://2013amoralfest.eventbrite.com.

Book Blog Tour

"Wasteland" will be published March 26th by HarperTeen. Here are the details for Susan Kim's and my blog tour:


Monday, March 25th – SciFi Chick – guest post

Tuesday, March 26th – The Irish Banana – author interview

Wednesday, March 27th – IB BookBlogging - character profile/excerpt

Thursday, March 28th – The Nocturnal Library – guest post

Friday March 29th – Candace’s BookBlog – author interview

Monday, April 1st – The Book Swarm – this or that list

Tuesday, April 2nd – Supernatural Snark – character profile/excerpt

Wednesday, April 3rd – Alison Can Read – author interview

Thursday, April 4th – Bewitched Bookworms – guest post

Friday, April 5th – Alice Marvels – guest post

Story Published

My story, "The Core," has been published in the online magazine, Frigg. Here's the link: http://www.friggmagazine.com/issuethirtynine/fiction/klavan/core.htm

Story Published

My story, "High Concept," has been published in the online magazine, Dark Matter. Here's the link: http://hunblog.typepad.com/dark_matter/

Play Lab

Scenes from my play, "Simprov," will be included in the Amoralists Theater's Amoralab on Monday, December 17, at 7 PM at Bar None, 98 Third Avenue, New York, NY.

YA book for pre-order

Susan Kim's and my novel, "Wasteland," the first in a trilogy, is available for pre-order from Amazon. It will be officially published by Harper Collins on March 26, 2013. Here's the link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/006211851X/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=006211851X&linkCode=as2&tag=oncupoatwi-20

Novel a Finalist

My novel, "Theater Hell," is one of eleven finalists in the New Rivers Press Electronic Book Series competition, designed to publish "popular fiction titles with literary value in the genres of Action-adventure, Comic Misadventure, Crime, Detective, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Science Fiction, Slipstream, Spy, Western, and Inspirational." Here's the link: http://newriverspress.blogspot.com/2012/12/11-finalists-for-electronic-book-series.html

Play Reading

My play, "Zombie Love," will be read as part of the Platform Group's Ladder Series on Sunday, September 30th, at 1 PM at the Creek and Cave, 10-93 Jackson Avenue in Long Island City, NY. Here's the website: http://theplatformgroup.tumblr.com.

Staged Reading of Play

My play, "Simprov," will receive a staged reading at the Blue Theatre in Austin, Texas, on Sunday, August 26th at 8 PM. The address is 916 Springdale Road. Here's the web site: http://bluetheatre.org/.

Dream Published

My dream is featured in the "Real Dreams" issue of Skive Magazine from Australia. Its website is http://www.skivemagazine.com.

One-Act Published

My one-act, "Play," has been published in the literary magazine, Flare: The Flagler Review. Its website is http://theflaglerreview.com.

Short Story Collection Sold

Publishers Marketplace, January 2, 2012

Laurence Klavan's THE FAMILY UNIT AND OTHER FANTASIES, a collection of darkly humorous, largely fantastical stories set in our jittery, polarized, increasingly impersonal age, sold to ChiZine, by Andrea Somberg at Harvey Klinger (world).

One-Act to be Produced

My ten-minute play, "Belonging," will be part of the Short + Sweet Festival in Sydney, Australia, and will go up February 11-12. Here's the website: http://shortandsweet.org and schedule: http://www.shortandsweet.org/sites/ss.ish.com.au/files/FullProgramme.pdf

Short Story Published

My story, "Arm's Length," has been published in the Canadian web magazine, Urban Graffiti. Here's the link: http://urbgraffiti.wordpress.com/2011/11/02/arm%E2%80%99s-length-by-laurence-klavan/#more-555

Young Adult Series Sold

Six figures & three-book deal for Kim & Klavan's new YA series

Publishers Marketplace | May 19, 2011

Susan Kim and Laurence Klavan’s THE YOUNG COUNTRY, a post-apocalyptic Western set in the near future, where disease and pollution dictate that no one lives past their teens, to Phoebe Yeh at Harper Children’s, in a pre-empt, in a significant deal, in a three-book deal, by Victoria Sanders at Victoria Sanders & Associates (World).